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Children, Adults with Disabilities, Recovering Cancer Patients, Recovering Addicts and the Homeless.

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Our Aim
Assassin Health and Fitness Village have set out to create an environment like no other in the North-east of Scotland.
Our Vision
We want to construct a purpose-built health, fitness and life centre in which people from all walks of life will feel safe, involved and be helped on a journey to develop life and social skills.
Assassin Health And Fitness Village

Lee McAllister is a Scottish professional boxer. Nicknamed the "Aberdeen Assassin", McAllister is a former lightweight Scottish, British masters, Commonwealth, WBF International, WBUWorld Champion plus a former super lightweight IBO international, Commonwealth and WBU world champion also a former welterweightWBF intercontinental and current WBF welterweight world champion. Therefore the Assassin has the unique honour of being a three weight world title holder. In 2016 he came out of retirement and is eager to add to his collection of titles.
When it is finally time to hang up the gloves for good, Lee is looking to provide a long-term project for the community. During his career, Lee has undertaken a lot of charity work and helped raise tens of thousands of pounds for charities in the Aberdeen area. He says his involvement with these groups made him aware of the need for a fitness village for all:“Disabled groups and charities struggle to find facilities they can take their clients to because of the lack of disabled access.
“It’s shocking to think that there are no adequate facilities. “From further research, many facilities in the area do not provide basic wheelchair access. “Many toilet and shower areas are also not suitable for disabled people". I am therefore determined to build a sporting facility that can be used by everyone in the community.”
Assassin Health And Fitness Village
We want to work with and meet the specific needs of each charity that wish to use our service so we can ensure all health and safety needs are catered for. All fitness equipment will be regulated for wheelchair users which means Assassin Health and Fitness Village will be the first of its kind in the north of Scotland. This has been highlighted by a number of the charities hoping to work with us.
Assassin Health And Fitness Village
Assassin Health and Fitness Village will have full disabled access, as well as the facilitate and support for clients who are homeless, in the process of recovering from an addiction or families who have been affected by cancer. We want to deliver our services to children and adults of all ages and backgrounds with no limitations to who or what can be gained from the experience. The venue will be fully wheelchair accessible and all gym equipment will be for disabled use.
Assassin Health And Fitness Village
Assassin Health and Fitness Village will concentrate on educating the importance of nutrition and exercise. We want to inspire and inform people on how they can achieve their own goals and live a healthier and happier life. This will be done by teaching participants how to prepare and cook healthy meals and how to increase their fitness with strength and conditioning. Individually tailored nutritional meal plans along with exercise routines will be built to suit the needs, abilities and dietary requirements of our clients. Participants can then maintain a healthy lifestyle outwith the Village from the knowledge gained during their time with us.
You can get involved with us in so many different ways. Whether it is simply to offer your written support or to provide funding to help make the Village a reality.
Assassin Health And Fitness Village